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Availability: we often
have Male and Female
lie detector in Baltimore
Polygraph Examiners
to conduct your test

A computerized polygraph lie detector test in Baltimore will take about an hour IF you have your own requested questions written to be used prior to arriving for your appointment

Polygraph Baltimore
lie-detector test

Best polygraph examiner in Baltimore

Polygraph test in
Baltimore and
surrounding cities

Polygraph Glen Burnie
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Baltimore polygraph infidelity

The accuracy of a
Baltimore Maryland polygraph examination
done with computerized
equipment is over 90% IF done by a trained examiner using modern equipment and all guidelines are followed
by the person tested

Polygraph Annapolis
lie-detector test

computer polygraph Baltimore

A lie detector test in Baltimore by a polygraph expert with in excess of 30 years of experience

Maryland polygraph

Meet the best-known
polygraph examiner
in the world!

Polygraph Bowie
lie-detector test

expert polygraph in Baltimore

For a Baltimore polygraph test to be scorable the questions used MUST be fully answerable with a Yes or No reply
(and no head movements)

lie detector in Bowie Maryland

A Baltimore
polygraph test
is available 7 days

Polygraph in Glen Burnie

Polygraph Hagerstown
lie-detector test
lie-detector in Annapolis

What we are viewing
during a lie detector
test in Baltimore?

We see very tiny changes
in the blood, sweat and breathing as the questions
are Yes/No answered.

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Germantown MD polygraph

Polygraph Germantown
lie-detector test

Silver Spring polygraph

Not all Baltimore polygraph examiners
are equal.
Some are lying who claim to have '10 years of experience'; they really only have the completed test count of one year, with those just spread
out over 10 years!
For example:
if you only drive a car for a mile a month for 10 years-- that's really AT BEST a year of driving experience, spread out through ten years.

Our senior examiner has more than 30 years of actual polygraph experience.

Ask how to get
the best price
and most
on a computer
polygraph exam
in Baltimore

Polygraph Silver Spring
lie-detector test

Lie detector testing in Baltimore Maryland is available 361 days a year

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Polygraph Severna Park
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Polygraph Maryland